Tyler Binjamin Wagner
I am a finance professional with a Biomedical Science degree who dabbles in the functions of the other cerebral hemisphere.
My style reflects a dramatic escape from the rigid confines of an overly analytical mind.  From four years of undergraduate study in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University to five years in financial services with a big Wall Street firm, my professional pursuits have followed a very left-brain path. It took me nearly a decade to realize that I am my happiest self and at complete peace with the world when I create.
Going against my natural craving for order and precision, I take regular people in ordinary settings and warp them into abstract compositions.  I generally work from the primary colors alone and blend other colors as needed.  This allows me to keep an overall vibrant tone to my work.  Though my formal training ended in 2006 with my graduation from Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, my passion for art has persisted over the years as my identity as an artist continues to develop.